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Passionate, committed, empathetic

I'm a jump-in-with-both-boots kind of a person - passionate about the democratisation of knowledge and the use of technology and research to get us there. I believe ResearchOps plays a crucial role in helping researchers do their best work, and that ResearchOps is all about scaling impact. 
Currently, I am the ResearchOps Lead at the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment. 
From 2017-2020, I led the design and development of the user research library in Services Australia, the Australian federal government agency tasked with delivering services to all Australians.
I am a community builder - currently co-chairing the Women+ in Public Sector Innovation Network alongside Thea Snow. I am also the co-chair of the ResearchOps Community, a global community of people discussing ResearchOps — the people, mechanisms, and strategies for scaling research. Until recently, I co-chaired the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group (2017-2020) and the International Vocabularies and Linked Data Interest Group.
I'm also a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, with a thesis focused on motherhood, work and gender equality. The overarching purpose of my thesis is to develop an understanding of the small levers that might create great change.

About Me: About Me
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