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"You have an astonishing grasp of the technical requirements for employing user research programmatically and then knowing how to organise and support not just a team but a community around have displayed inordinate professional but also personal courage and bloody-minded persistence for the UR cause. You are the foundation stone of an as yet invisible but truly real transformation of the nature of the federal government" - Integrated Design lead, Department of Education, Skills & Employment

I've been leading teams for well over twenty years. I've studied leadership, managing, and have training qualifications. Leading is the part of my work I give the most thought, and that I'm diligent about reflecting, observing and improving. I've had staff tell me that I create spaces where they feel safe to try. That the people in my care feel that I 'get' them. They're always clear on how their piece of work contributes to the long term strategy. I'm very good at having hard conversations - at any level. I expect respectful and positive interactions. I take ownership of my mistakes. I will bring a vision to your work, and I will help you see connections and opportunities you didn't know existed. Understanding how everything fits together, and growing the skills of the team to meet that vision - that's my secret sauce. If you have a big vision, I want to hear it. If we need to change the world to achieve it, that's not too hairy a goal for me. I'm here for that kind of audacity!

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Highlights of 3 careers

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Designed and delivered a platform for gathering, storing, discovering and sharing qualitative research. Conceptualised a research pipeline ‘research in and insights out’. Co-designed a research taxonomy to enable effective tagging of the research, which enabled the department to begin to consider research as an asset.

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Key achievement: successful design of a proof of concept interactive graph view of the connections between data elements within an ontology to show business teams the purpose and use of ontologies of government. 

Responsible for the design and review of the Services Catalogue and Service Relationship Analysis. 

Convener of the Public Sector Innovation Network’s state and federal government forum on Linked Data.



Responsible for day-to-day running of a professional photographic processing business.  Liaising with ad agencies, publishers, government departments and other professionals to deliver a boutique experience of hand produced photographic material, unavailable in other states, indeed throughout the world.  Serving renown Tasmanians such as Peter Dombrovskis, Bob Brown, Rob Blakers, Ted Mead and other iconic photographers of the Tasmanian and Australian Wilderness.

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The stuff that isn't work, but underscores my vision and ways of working

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