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Key achievement: successful design of a proof of concept interactive graph view of the connections between data elements within an ontology to show business teams the purpose and use of ontologies of government. 

Responsible for the design and review of the Services Catalogue and Service Relationship Analysis. 

Convener of the Public Sector Innovation Network’s state and federal government forum on Linked Data.

Senior Analyst: Project


In 2016, my life changed when I began working on making government knowable to people via a machine readable, searchable, ontology of government.

You can watch a very simply done little video about that work here:

In 2017, I joined the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group. As the only non-data scientist, with no formal training in information management or data standards, it was a steep learning curve.

In July of 2017 (and 2018 and 2019), I was voted in as the Co-Chair of the Working Group, responsible for improving the visibility and take up of Linked Data in the Australian Government and of visibility for the working group more broadly. 

In 2018, I produced a cartoon video about Linked Data, which has received a warm reception:

Also in 2018, I was approached by a counterpart in the publications office of the European Commission and another working in the W3C data exchange working group to start an international group on Linked Data and Ontologies. Because of this, I was approached to co-ordinate for Australia and New Zealand to bring experts together along with specialists from the United Nations to see if it is possible that the UN might consider hosting Linked Data once more, or, if there were other ways we could, as a global community, achieve the same ends. This work is ongoing, but we are coming close to arriving at some workable solutions. It's been wonderful to act as a facilitator for the many experts working in this space.

Senior Analyst: Text
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