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Responsible for day-to-day running of a professional photographic processing business.  Liaising with ad agencies, publishers, government departments and other professionals to deliver a boutique experience of hand produced photographic material, unavailable in other states, indeed throughout the world.  Serving renown Tasmanians such as Peter Dombrovskis, Bob Brown, Rob Blakers, Ted Mead and other iconic photographers of the Tasmanian and Australian Wilderness.

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Following a few years doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (unfinished), with majors in photography and art history, I began working for Photoforce. After only a couple of years I was promoted to Assistant Manager and finally became the Business Manager. We had a staff of between 10 and 16, all experts in various fields - photo restoration, processing, art photography and media. The digital revolution occurred while I led this business. Challenging times. It was here I picked up Photoshop, starting from version 2.5 and continuing. I became quite proficient in hand painted photo restoration and digital restoration. In about 2000, I started my own business, Dolce Designs, taking photos and doing my own in house graphic design to produce calendars which were sold all over Australia. I occasionally did weddings but my heart was in simple lines to be found in nature. I employ these skills regularly in producing beautiful research artefacts and highly polished reports.

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